About The Club

About The Club

The South Coast Flying Club was formed by a group of like-minded people who wanted a flying club to be a friendly place where individuals with flying in common could satisfy their aviation needs.

Many of our members are happy to share flights and help less experienced pilots develop their skills.

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Club Room

We have our own club room located on the airfield equipped with a computer and internet access for your flight planning.

The club room also has tea and coffee supplies which can be used to make yourself a drink.

Parking outside the club room is free saving you £’s on every visit to the airfield.

Most groups on the airfield do not have access to a room and we are proud to be able to offer this to our members.

Group Fee

Standard membership is £45 a month payable by standing order on the 2nd of the month. This allows you to fly all our planes (NB. To fly G-BSXC you must have at least 100 hours P1. There are no minimum hour restrictions on the other planes).

If you only want to fly the C152 we offer a reduced membership fee of just £30.

We are a non-profit organisation and all membership fees are used to ensure we can offer the best hire rates and facilities.

NB. You cannot fly unless all membership fees have been paid. This is a requirement of the group and insurance.

If you wish to cancel your membership at any point you need to give at least three months notice.

Check Flights

All members must complete a check flight with one of the approved check flight members of the club or with one of the club instructors before they can fly any of the club planes.

No matter how much experience you have and how current you are on type a check flight is a requirement of the group and our insurance.

We welcome low hour pilots and you should not worry about a check flight. We just need to ensure you are safe!


All the club planes are fully insured but members are responsible for ensuring that their flight is safe and legal.

You must ensure that their licence and medical are valid for the flight prior to departure.

We do not have any staff who can advice you on the weather or question your experience for the flight you are about to undertake.


Unlike many flying clubs we do not operate a 28 day currency rule. Our insurance requirement is that you must have flown within 90 days which is the same as the CAA requirement to fly any of the aircraft.

This is in addition to the standard PPL stipulation that in order to carry a passenger you will need to have completed 3 take-off and landings within the last 90 days.


We have a purpose-built internet system, to make your bookings any time day or night convenient to you. You will be given your ID and password with membership.

You can book months in advance and if you are doing a cross county trip you can book the plane for the whole day.

All we ask is that you respect other member’s access to the planes when booking and be aware that we need to fly a minimum number of hours on each plane.


At the beginning of each month we will add up your flying hours and times it by the hourly rates for each of the planes. We will then deduct any fuel you purchased and any credits you may have on your account.

You will be emailed the amount you need to pay for the previous months flying. Please help the clubs cash flow by paying for your bill within 7 days via electronic transfer.

We are a non-profit making club. We have no paid staff and all funds go to providing the cheapest self-fly hire on the airfield.

Shared Flights

The club actively encourages touring and development of your skills. Many pilots get into a habit of only flying in perfect weather and only going on short cross countries or locals. Get more out of your flying by sharing with other members.

You can fly twice as far for half the cost and you can both learn new skills from each other no matter how many or few hours you have.

If you want some support on your first cross channel trip just put out a message to the club and someone will happily join you. Perhaps you want to do more flying through controlled airspace.

Make new friends and enjoy great new adventures.


A few of the club members are instructors and will happily help with further training or re-validations on our own planes.

We are mainly setup as a club for qualified pilots but we are a registered training facility and can provide full PPL training for students. Although we can offer full training like other schools on the airfield we have no full time staff. All our instructors work part time (normally just one day a week). If you are after a more relaxed and slower training period then we can offer you the lowest training costs on the airfield.