Flying Instructors

Flying Instructors

My name is Catherine and I have been a flight instructor for over 5 years.

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I am a fully qualified unrestricted Flying Instructor, ground examiner for Private Pilot’s License (PPL) and a PPL revalidation examiner below is a brief description of the flight services I can provide:

– Ab initio Private Pilot Training
– Night Rating training
– Instrument Meteorology Conditions (IMC) flight tuition
– PPL Ground school (all subjects)
– All PPL Ground exams
– Single engine Piston (SEP) revalidation
– SEP Signatory, only if I did your revalidation flight
– Check flights on C152, C172 or PA28.
– Glass cockpit conversion

All flight tuition can be done at either South Coast Flying Club or on your own airplane but please note your airplane must have instructional insurance.

If seriously interested, please contact me for availability and prices, either via South Coast Flying Club form or directly to my email: